High, Higher, Highest!

In short, PERFECTION ushers your thoughts along getting you HIGH! Take it as THE ultimate AWARENESS CATALYST!!! Without PERFECTION, you can MEDITATE for over 10 YEARS and (maybe) be able to do the SAME THING using sheer WILLpower alone. Get so HIGH that you EXPERIENCE YOUR PRESENCE sans egoOo!!!
Entering this deepest now induces a state of flow, also known as being in the zone. It is the optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and make magic happen.

This is an ability that generally takes 10-20 years of dedication and mastery to develop. PERFECTION was created out of passion to have it more accessible to future dreamers.

PROSPERITY is the entrepreneurial version for focusing your impact and wealth. Take it first thing in the morning to calibrate. Reflash before making plans, decisions, calls, etc.
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Prosperity Perfection
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